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About us

We are Xiffix B.V. – The expert in special trailers!

Xiffix B.V. specializes in the trade and rental of (young) used special trailers. We offer an extensive range of lowbeds, semi-lowbeds, flat extendable trailers, innerloaders, crane trailers, tippers and other steered and/or extendable trailers. Our passion for exceptional and heavy transport has positioned us a industry specialists.
As we engage with our customers on a daily basis, we have cultivated a broad understanding of the market and its vehicles. This enables us to provide tailored advice and offer the most suitable solutions for your specific transportation needs.



Xiffix B.V. Special Trailer Trading & Rental was established in 2002. In that year, the former director, Ferry Floor, stepped down from Floor B.V.’s management and acquired Floor Verhuur B.V. This business unit has been founded three years earlier to address the temporary demand for specialized road transport from Floor’s customers and other fleet owners in the road transport industry.
With the arrival of the new owner of Floor Verhuur, the decision was made to change the name, branding and location. The company name chosen was Xiffix B.V. Special Trailer Trading & Rental. Xiffix is a palindrome, a symmetric word that reads the same left to right and right to left. The double ‘F’ represents the initials of the former director.
Exceptional vehicles, an exceptional name and a distinct visual identity with eye-catching colors.
Xiffix has been operating since 2002 and is now based in Woudenberg. Woudenberg is centrally located in the Netherlands, in the province of Utrecht.

More than rental, purchasing and sales...

Over the years, in addition to our original rental activities, we have expanded to become specialist in the purchase and sale of (young) used special trailers. Today, we maintain a rapidly changing inventory of over 90 (young) used special trailers. All our trailers are stocked at our premises in Woudenberg.
At Xiffix B.V., we go beyond the trade of special trailers; we are a customer and service-oriented organization that aims to be an honest and reliable partner in the fields of purchase
and sale.
Because reliability, quality and transparency are of utmost importance to us, we subject each trailer to a technical inspection by a third-party. This way, with the technical report, you always have insight into the technical condition of the trailer and its components such as tires, steering mechanisms, brakes and even the potential costs for MOT. We are eager to assist you in finding suitable solutions, including the arranging of transportation to European ports, handling customs formalities, providing temporary license plates, export documents and export license plates.
Whether you are looking for a lowbeds, semi-lowbeds, flat (extendable) trailers, innerloaders, crane trailers, tippers and other steered and/or extendable trailers, Xiffix B.V. is your partner. We are ready to assist you in finding the most suitable solutions to meet your transportation needs.

Contact us today.
We are eager to connect with you and look forward building a long-lasting partnership.


Arjan Bouwmeester

Sales and rental

+31 (0)6 46 61 19 32

+31 342 490 402


Erwin Flikweert

Purchase (Belgium and German-taught countries)

+31 (0)6 15 66 56 14


Daimen Flikweert

Purchase (The Netherlands and English-taught countries)

+31 (0)6 83 56 43 57


We would like to hear from you

Do you have any questions or can we help you with anything? Contact us by completing the contact form, sending an email or calling the number below. We are ready to help you!

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7:30 AM to 5:30 PM.


By appointment.




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